Personal resilience is the ability to recover from setbacks, to embrace and foster change and cope with stressful situation and hardship in order to act upon it.

Every kind of firm, from the startup to the multinational and well-established, periodically faces stressful periods and unexpected performance downturn. It is natural and most of the time a welcomed situation, since from these setbacks it increases the likelihood of positive change.

Resilient individuals view difficult moments from an optimistic perspective and hurdles inspire them, because, most of the times, in this situation they tend to come up with innovative solution. Everybody fail sometime, but resilient individuals, after a normal initial and brief demoralization, try to understand their failure, the causes and drivers, in order to be ready to solve them and learn from them.

This personal trait is very important for every kind of firms: forming a resilient team ensure the company that no matter what may happen at every moment there are people ready to react, to fix the situation.

During an interview, you can take inspiration, to tell about your personal resilience, from many different situation. Form an underperformance during an exam to a reproof from your team leader in your previous workplace. The problem when describing this kind of situation is to manage not to let the recruiter focus on the “bad situation”. You should focus the attention not much on the inconvenient itself but how you managed to analyze the failure and turn the situation around, managing to solve the situation.

Do not be afraid of showing some weakness. Everybody fails at some point, the important is to be back on your feet!


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