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Career Change Cash is Trash

Cash is Trash

Cash out – phones in? As consumers are tethered to their phones, the growth of mobile wallets has really exploded. Banking is becoming (and has already become) more convenient and manageable thanks to mobile phones and the Internet. Mobile phones are always improving and advancing, and the future of the banking industry is growing increasingly digital. Technology is playing …

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Interview tips What you should NOT ask in a job interview

What you should NOT ask in a job interview

When you’re in the hot seat, there’s a good chance that your interviewer will turn the tables at some point and ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” Whether you already faced a job interview or not, there is always something to learn about it. Sometimes you are too nervous and forget what you wanted to say, …

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Career Change The most promising jobs in 2017

The most promising jobs in 2017

Automotive Engineering: the competition for technical talent is intensifying as tech and automotive companies race to build driverless vehicles. According to Ken Kelzer, GM’s Global VP of Vehicle Components and Subsystems, many of the auto industry jobs for which demand will increase over the next several years will be focused on integrating consumer electronics – tablets, touch screens, mobile technology …

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Recruiting strategies Unconventional recruiting: Gamefication

Unconventional recruiting: Gamefication

Think about a Career Fair… How many times have you been there? How many times have you seen more than 50 Companies presenting themselves in exactly the same way? If big companies want to win the “Talent Acquisition’s war”, attending a career fair is not enough anymore. They need to take a step further to …

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